Let the Beat Drop

That's My Jam (1)

Take a moment to think of your favorite song (don’t worry I’ll wait)………….okay got it? When that song came to mind what did you hear first? The beat? The hook? The chorus? My favorite song is Irreplaceable by Beyonce. All I heard in my head was “to the left, to left…… to the left, everything you own to the box to the left.” I immediately got excited and had to listen to that song? Did that happen for for you? Did you turn it on? I did! When it came on did you start singing all the lyrics and surprised yourself cause you didn’t know you actually remembered the song? Yea, it’s okay! Its’ a normal experience because music producers spent hours in the “lab” (studio) working with different beats and lyrics that would hook your interest to the song. Guess what? It worked cause you turn that song up on the radio, listen to the song on YouTube, buy concert tickets, share the song with others and they are making a profit.

Now as teachers we can have this same phenomenon in our classes. If we are willing to step outside the box and find different ways to hook our students. By connecting the material to their interest (if you don’t about the music the students listen to ask them to come up with the musical hooks). Your classes will come to life as students will be more engaged and their retainment of information will enhance. In my classes I connect concepts to music. For instance, to help students decipher between the political parties of Federalist and Democratic-Republicans. I used T.I.’s song “About the Money” for the Federalist and “Old McDonald had a Farm” for the Democratic-Republicans.

Tip for review: students can play a brain warm-up game called “Let the Beat Drop.” Play part of the song, have students match song to the correct concept and then have students brain dump (write down all they remember). Then go into asking high-level questions because students memories will be jogged and ready to answer.

One thought on “Let the Beat Drop

  1. This is exactly the kind of thing I wish teachers would have done when I was going through primary school. Music is such a great way to learn, I find myself coming up with songs when I’m studying all the time. Great job!


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