The Energizer Teacher

-Nurses are the heartof healthcare.-

Do you remember the old Energizer commercials with the rabbit? The rabbit would hop across the screen and the male commentator would say “The Energizer Bunny keeps going, and going, and going.” The advertiser was trying to convoy a very important message to the consumer. That their batteries would outlast the competition. The slogan “The Energizer bunny keeps going and going and going” became so trusted and Energizer sells continually increase.

As teachers we have to become catchy advertisements for our students. Many times students walk into our classes with negative preconceived notions about our subject. History teachers, such as ourselves, know this all too well. We have heard students say “history is so boring, why do we have to learn about some old guys and this has nothing to do with my life today.” How we as teachers present the lessons can be a game changer. Our energy in the classroom sets the tone for our students learning environment. I have found when students feel your genuinely: care, love and are passionate about them learning. They will being to buy into your energy and will want to learn. Through the use of music infused into my lessons I have created an atmosphere that pulls students in. We have to become ENERGIZER TEACHERS that keeps our students “learning, learning, learning.” What ways can you energize your students?

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