-Nurses are the heartof healthcare.- (1)

Are you a risk-taker in your classroom? Are you willing to make a mistake in front of your students? Do you challenge your students to take risks? As teacher is our job merely to teach the state standards or is it to expand our students minds? We have to be willing to step outside of our comfort zones in order for our students to do the same. Being willing to try something new that might make us look silly. Knowing our students laugher is actually breaking down the walls of insecurities they may have. Our classrooms should be the free space where students are challenged to take a chance and fall on their faces. What better place to fail than inside of a classroom where you are there to help them pick up the pieces. Think about it if they go through life thinking they are investable then the first time they fail in life they may never get back up again. This is why I love assigning projects that force students to be creative. Give them an outline for what you expect and then leave the how the final product should look to them. This allows us to transfer the risk-taking power to our students. Ultimately we have given our students confidence keys. As teachers we have to be willing to “sit-back” and be facilitators and allow our students to take ownership. By giving our students the tools they are going to need for life and not just to pass an exam. We will see our students pour more into our class and get more out of it.

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