Dora the Explorer-Successes of Reconstruction

Day 2 of teaching about Reconstruction I used the popular cartoon Dora the Explorer. As students waited outside the door and walked in they heard the Dora the Explorer theme song. Students really got into singing the song and some students were like “Ms Really?” Eventually even the I am too old for this students cracked a smile (we are all still kids at heart and when they see its okay to still be a kid it makes our job easier). Todays lesson was centered around the premise of the show. Dora goes on adventures exploring different places with her friend boots and gets help from the Map. Around the room I had the five success of Reconstruction posted.Students had to do a Scribe and Messager activity. This is where one student is the scribe (the writer) and the other student is the Messager (the person who gets up, reads the information and reports to the scribe). Students really love this type of activity because it allows them to get up and move around the room. As they moved from station to station I had the Dora the Explorer theme song on repeat. Yes, it got annoying but their brains attached the successes of Reconstruction to Dora the Explorer. This is a great way to help our students brains remember and easily retrieve information.

Inside of students interactive notebooks I had them draw an open-faced map. On the map each student was tasked with drawing an iconic to help them remember the 5 successes of reconstruction 1. 13th amendment 2. 14th Amendement 3. 15th Amendement 4. Freedmen’s Bureau 5. Hiram Rhodes. Attaching a visual to the material also helps students remember. Then our X marks the spot was Successes of Reconstruction.

Attached below is the interactive notebook Example:


Check-out my lesson:

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