It’s the end of the year. I am tired, your tired, and our students are tired. Pulling from a cartoon from your students childhood loosens up the mood. I am one of those teachers that really gets into the lesson. My lesson on reconstruction started the moment my students walked through the door. As the enter the room I started playing the Bob The Builder theme song. “Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we Can!” The kids started talking about the show and how Bob fixed building that were broken. This was a GREAT hook and connection to the lesson. I was then able to introduce the word RECONSTRUCTION= the rebuilding of the South after the CIVIL WAR. We then completed a fold-able on the three different reconstruction plans that were introduced. In their interactive notebooks we recreated the Bob the Builder logo to R.R. (Radial Republican) the Builder. I then had students draw two tools of their choice. Each tool represented the problems that needed to be fixed (1) The South-ESPN and (2) Slavery.  After reading about the Radial Republican plan for reconstruction. I then had my students plug into the logo the pieces of the R.R. reconstruction plan. Below you will find the interactive notebook entry. 


IMG_3372 2

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