Using Student Language

Lexington &concordHelping student’s make connections to the world around them is a key to retention for exams. During my lesson on Lexington and Concord I noticed my students were having a hard time keeping the battles separate. For the battle of Lexington I explained it as the British raided the Colonist “Trap House” (is a house that has supplies). Both sides are going to “Square-Off” and no one is going to know who shot first. This is going to be the first shots in the American Revolution and England is going to get the win. For the second battle Concord I made the connection to the shoe brand Jordan. A lot of students wear Jordans and a popular shoe was called Jordan 11’s “Concord’s” (I have attached a picture below). For this battle I brought Concord to life with figurative language and student interaction.

Lesson on Lexington and Concord:


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