“Colonist Better Have My Money”

Have you ever taught a concept that was so complexed that even you had to stop and rethink; how am I going to teach this to my students in a way that they will comprehend and retain the information? For me the topic was the British Taxation on the Colonist. There are five different Acts students need to understand and remember. From the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, Tea Act, and Intolerable Act. On top of analyzing they have to understand the why behind the British imposing these taxes. During the lesson I could see the memory overload taking over. You know that look and mood change. Then it clicked and all I could hear was Rihanna’s song B**** Better Have My Money playing in my head. For those not familiar with the hit single Rihanna is singing about someone paying her the money they owe her. I played the clean version in class and as the song played I told my class “King Geroge is going to tell the Colonist they better have his money. In the form of the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, Tea Act, and Intolerable Act.” My students started moving to the music, but more importantly they made the connection between the music and the content. Thusly, Hip-Hop History was birthed. I was so excited I came home wrote, recorded and upload my first hit signal on YouTube “Colonist Better Have My Money.” The song became an instant hit with my students. The song also gave them a melody behind the content. Their brains also stored this information as important because the song was familiar and caught their attention. I noticed when asking them a question about Taxation they could quickly recall the material by singing the song “Colonist Better Have My Money.”

Check Out my first hit-single “Colonist Better Have My Money”:


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