The Blank Stare

Teachers let’s have an honest moment together. Have you ever been teaching a lesson that you were really into, you looked up, and your students were looking at you with the blank stare? That look of I have no idea what you’re talking about nor do I care, but I am glad your excited about it and is it over yet? If we are honest it’s a pretty crushing feeling. Especially when we spend countless hours preparing for the lesson of the lifetime. Then we are left wrecking our brains on how to connect with our students right? Over the course of teaching I have learned music can be the great equalizer.Think about your favorite song. What mood does it put you in? What memories do you have? Being from California I love TuPac’s song “California Love”. Every time I hear it I feel at home. Now lets transform that idea to our classrooms. When our students are “listening” to our lessons what message are they getting? Are they tuned in or out? For the most part all our students hear is “work, work, work, test, test, test”, and quite frankly they have tuned us out before we even get started. The question is how do we get our students to tune-in? I believe I have a solution that will help enhance your classroom experience. I have coined it “HIP-HOP HISTORY”. The infusion of music, social media, movies and television into the inter-workings of my lessons.

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